We are authorized distributor and seller of well known and leading manufacturers of low pressure gas cylinders: Amtrol-Alfa, Alugas, Aluminiumarugyar. Our contractual territory is Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

Why Amtrol-Alfa steel cylinders?

  • Traditionally wide use;
  • Produced in highest quality
  • Pnticorrosion treatment and colour coating are of exceptional quality;
  • Manufactured according to european directive 2010/35/EC (TPED), by the EN standard, with proof mark π.

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Why aluminium?

  • Aluminium cylinder is rust-resistant;
  • Good heath resistance of aluminium provides wider range of use as steel cylinders and cylinders made of artificial materials;
  • Aluminium cylinders are made of high quality rolled aluminium sheet;
  • Up to half of the weight, comparing to steel gas cylinders, enables easier manipulation and reduces transportation costs;
  • Application for fork-lifters drive assures undisturbed engine work and by that undisturbed work process;
  • Health friendly, because it doesn’t take many efforts in filling stations and at everyday manipulations;
  • Ecologicaly acceptable and environmentaly friendly, because it can be fully recycled;
  • Easy external cleaning;
  • Manufactured according to european directive 2010/35/EC (TPED) and ADR/RID, by the EN standard and with proof mark π.


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