2,0 kg and 2,7kg aluminium cylinders

Our aluminium propane (LPG) cylinders are unique cylinders on the market. We developed it for use on sailingboats and small motor boats. The main advantages of aluminium cylinders are: small, light weight, external and internal rust free, universal size

for most of  the gas compartment on sailingboats, easy to clean, durable with life expectancy up to 30 years. Cylinders are produced with high quality aluminum alloy, which ensures high resistance to external influences, and offers low weight, which allows our aluminium propane cylinders use in other areas such as: camping, caravaning and craftsmen work.

Safety valve for aluminium cylinders

Specially for use on our propane cylinders, German producer of measurement and control technology for LPG GOK, developed safety valve for even safer use of propane gas. Safety valve is developed for use on boats according to ISO10239. Since it has standard German outlet it can be used with standard regulator and all existing gas devices such as cookers, owens, refrigerators.


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